Redefining The Job Search

Fixing inefficiencies in the existing model

TL;DR for Job Seekers

Private Profile

Users maintain a private profile with location, occupation and salary expectations. Our service is not free because we will not sell your data.

Custom Models

Job posts process through our custom machine learning models with the lastest local data to derive post-tax and essential expenses salary information for comparative analysis.

Meaningful Alerts

Users are alerted of new job posts based on the criteria saved in their profile preferences. We are NOT limited by jobs that are posted on our website.

TL;DR for Employers

Free Job Posts

Employers can post jobs on our website for FREE. Employers are expected to provide a narrow salary range to reach a large number of interested candidates.

Candidate Lookup

Employers can see an ANONYMOUS database of potential candidates who are interested in your locations and occupations with salary expectations.

Large Candidate Pool

With narrow salary range, you can reach several active and passive job seekers. You will attract overall better candidate pool for each job post.

Job Search

Let’s revolutionize the job search. The current options for facilitating a job search are ineffiecient – we can do better. YourD3 will take your job search to the next level, improving the overall experience to remove inefficiencies and painpoints. We explain more below.

The core issues with facilitating a job search:

  • Job seekers don’t find what they are looking for ;
  • Employers are under-served;
  • Business models for job search facilitation are unlike most marketplaces.

Problem – Unexplored Opportunities

Consider the typical career path. You search and find your first full-time job after college, suspending your job search and settling in to your new position. A few years later, you plan to move to a new location and begin your job search process anew. You update your resume and cover letter, apply to open positions in the area, interview with potential employers, and eventually land a new job, thus ending your job search. This process repeats itself a few more times during your career, suspending your job search with each successful job offer and acceptance. Invariably, while you were not actively looking for a job, opportunities were becoming available in the job market that, i you had persued them, could have had a material impact on your professional and financial (and likely personal circumstances). These are the unexplored opportunities.

Solution – Constant Passive Monitoring

Studies show that when people stay at jobs for longer than the average tenure they make 50% less over the course of their careers. Setting up alerts on various job boards simply fills your inbox with posts that are irrelevant to your job goals, you’re either entirely underqualified or completely overqualified for the jobs the alerts send. The problem is not that the jobs you should explore aren’t in those job alert emails. The problem is that it is impossible to separate the job listings worth pursuing from the rest. We solve this problem by applying layered filters to each new job posting before it reaches your inbox. Examples of the layered filters include:


  • Location and occupation preferences you specify in your private profile. We allow you to track multiple locations and occupations at the same time.
  • YourD3’s custom models built to collect and process new job posts across the country, filtered to match your preferences.
  • Your D3’s comparative analysis that matches your years of experience and your savings requirements with job posts.

Once the job posts are processed through these personal custom filters, the opportunities that end up in your inbox will truly be worth pursuing.

Problem – Uneconomical Processes

The business of the job search has been very profitable for companies, but often not profitable for the consumer in terms of successful job acquisition. Three common problematic elements are:

  • The job seeker is required to update and customize resumes and cover letters for each job post, often incurring fees for this service.
  • Most job portals charge employers 100s of dollars per-post or per-click for each job post.
  • Software and services, such as standardized test scores, pre-screening, and automated resume sorting, are sold to both the job seekers and the employers.

All of these are somewhat necessary in a job market where new job posts do not reach the entire pool of candidates that could be interested in the position and would be more than for qualified and interested in it IF made aware of the opportunity.

Solution – Better Discovery Process

We can do better. This is how YourD3 addresses these problems for both the employer and the job seeker:

  • We allow registered users to maintain a private profile with their skills, location, and occupation preferences (including salary requirements).
  • YourD3 allows all employers to post jobs for FREE and employers are encouraged to provide a tighter salary range so job candidates are motivated to apply for jobs when alerted.
  • We have supplied employers a lookup feature to search the pool of anonymous job seekers that fit the job post requirements (location and position).

The discovery process does not need to be expensive if the pool of potentially interested candidates increases exponentially. As the PWC survey of 10,000 US respondents showed, salary and benefits almost always come first for job seekers.


There are so many facets to the job search and how YourD3 can improve the process for both employers and job seekers. Here are few last things you should know:

  • Remote Jobs – We will process these irrespective of the location preference of registered users. The alerts will be sent based on occupation and salary requirements.
  • Comparative Analysis – Job Seekers will receive alerts based on not just the location and occupations selected, but also on salary requirements. In order to send alerts that are meaningful to our users, job seekers should provide an approximate current income. A figure describing how we use this information can be found HERE.
  • Privacy – Our goal is to ensure that our users do not miss opportunities that are worth pursuing. Information that is not necessary for a successful search includes::
    • Your real name is NOT REQUIRED
    • Your current employer’s name is NOT REQUIRED. Use it as a selling point to future employers, if you so desire.
    • Your current salary can be just a ballpark number.